How we work

Here’s what you can expect when we work together:

Learn about each other and your business needs.

Discover your pain points and show how we can solve them

Propose a customized package that meets your needs.

Set you up with Xero to manage your books, along with other technology that can automate your processes.

Train on how to use the apps to make your processes more efficient.

Connect with you weekly, monthly or quarterly to review your financials and KPIs, based on your business needs.

Provide unlimited support and answer questions any time via Slack, email or phone.

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We look at accounting in two ways

First, it’s the mechanics. We’ll handle your books, reconcile your accounts, and do your taxes. And we’ll make sure you’re good with the CRA. That’s table stakes.

But more importantly, we’ll show you the story behind the numbers. We make the complex simple and explain your finances in ways that make sense. Using dashboards and visuals, we’ll help you identify key trends and the relationships between costs and revenue.

Tools as innovative as you are

We use the latest technology and implement the most efficient processes to deliver the best possible service.

Xero, the world’s best online accounting software for startups, is a key part of our approach. Xero is flexible, user-friendly and built to provide seamless integrations with third-party applications. It’s simply beautiful software.

All of our services include a Xero and Receipt Bank subscription. We’re happy to help you convert to Xero from desktop accounting or other cloud-based software.

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“Right away Andrejus behaved as though he’s a member of the team who has our best interests at heart. Rather than shoehorn our business into a series of standards, he’s flexible, and took the time to understand our business context.”

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“Andrejus figures things out and makes problems disappear. He’s an accountant who makes things happen. He’s very startup friendly.”

Donna Lit
Co-Founder & COO, Kiite

G Wu
Founder, Adeptmind

Ready for a new and better approach to accounting?

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