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Your journey is about engineering, innovation, and getting to market. We know because we’ve walked this path with innovators just like you.  Element CPA works with you—giving you the right tools at the right time to plan, budget, grow, and scale.

You find yourself in one of these stages:

Early Venture

Cash flow is tight and you need to pay your team. 

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Series A

You know your offering and you’re ready to transition it to rapid and predictable scaling. 

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More sales and success bring more of everything else.

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Element CPA is a virtual CPA firm that caters to tech startups throughout Canada and the US, focusing on bringing innovation to the accounting world. Our mission is to support inspiring entrepreneurs who aim to make a difference in the world.

Whether you’re in the Early Venture, Series A, or Growth stage of your journey, we act as your trusted outsourced accounting department, handling day-to-day finance tasks such as payroll, bookkeeping, financial reporting, and tax filing. Additionally, we provide essential cash flow management and budgeting services, ensuring clarity on your cash position, and helping to keep your growth on track.

“Element makes sure I don’t have to worry about accounting. As a founder, there are so many things to do and you want to know that your accounting, bookkeeping, and finances are in good order. Andrejus provides peace of mind.”

Greta Cutulenco
Co-Founder & CEO, Acerta

“Andrejus understands a business at our stage requires strong fundamentals and best practices. He prioritizes problems and needs over processes, which is evident in the recommendations and solutions he brings to the table.”

Joseph Fung
Co-Founder & CEO, Uvaro

“Andrejus helped us grow until we were ready for a full-time financial person. As a need would arise, he would jump in and accomplish whatever was needed. He is incredibly knowledgeable and ensures your company follows best practices at all times.”

Caitlin MacGregor
Co-Founder, Plum

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